The Club



DS Taekwondo has 2 clubs in Sheffield:


Crookes:   Wesley Hall Church, Crookes Rd, S10 1UD               (Mondays and Fridays)


Stannington:  Forge Valley Sports Centre, Wood Lane, S6 5HG   (Wednesdays and Sundays)



We always welcome new members at any time!

 We are a friendly club and our door is always open!

Simply come and watch a class first if you’re not sure,

or even better why not give it a go and have some FREE LESSONS!



Join the 35’000 members currently training at over 750 clubs across the UK!

We are Europe’s Biggest and Best Martial Arts Association!


We welcome anyone from age 5 upwards.

The reasons why people decide to start Taekwondo are as individual as they are.

Whatever your goals are – we CAN and WILL HELP YOU ACHEIVE THEM!


…..Just take the first step – get in contact or just come and give it a go!






 MONDAY and FRIDAY at Wesley Hall, Crookes:


Little Ninja’s (5-7 years)-  4.10pm

Juniors Beginners (8-13 yrs)- 5pm

Junior Advanced- 6pm

Seniors Beginners (14+ yrs)- 7pm

Senior Advanced-  8pm


Wednesday and Sunday at Forge Valley Sports Centre, Stannington:


Little Ninja’s  (5-7 years)  – 5.10pm

Junior Beginners  (8 – 13 yrs,  White to Green Stripe)  –  6pm

Junior Advanced  (8 – 13 yrs,  Green belt and above)  – 7pm

All Seniors  – 8pm



Please see contact page for map