Junior Students



Khalid Ali, 14

“I first started TKD when I was 10 when a leaflet came through the door and my brother wanted me to go with him. From Taekwondo I have learnt to always be courteous  and to persevere as the tenets of TKD encourage you to do. My favourite parts are patterns, sparring, gradings and competitions. After 4 years of training I achevied my black belt and now I want to work towards becoming an instructor. Its worth doing TKD because you meet new friends, you learn how to defend yourself and you get fit too. I really like Taekwondo and I want to keep doing it as long as I can!”




Archie Twigg, 10

“Taekwondo has been my favorite hobby for the last 9 months.  The main reason I joined was because I was getting bullied at school. I think Taekwondo has improved lots of things for me, like self control and focus. It is very good for getting fit and making new friends.”




Joshua Sutton-Sprenz, 6IMG_20130909_165936

” One of my friends was already doing Taekwondo so I wanted to give it a try. I was a bit nervous before my first lesson but really enjoyed it! I am hoping to get my black belt one day so I am working hard. Taekwondo is cool and good fun. You might be a  bit scared before your first lesson, but once you are doing it,  its great!”




Samuel Lee, 14IMG_20130805_180128

” After getting my Black belt I felt a lot more confident in than I ever have before. DS Taekwondo gave me the opportunity to make new friends, and it also keeps you healthy.”





Zane Polin, 7IMG_20130819_180449

“I wanted to join a Taekwondo club because I had a friend who did it who said that it was good. I also wanted to do different exercises to what I already do and I wanted to gain higher belts. DS Taekwondo is fun and friendly. After my first lesson I wanted to join. I enjoy doing pattern work and games at the end of the lessons, also I’ve made lots of new friends. My fitness has got better since being at TKD and I feel happy and proud because I’ve passed my first grading and got a new belt. In the future I would like to enter competitions and get higher belts. I would say to anybody thinking about joining, come and do it!  It’s great!”



Connie Morris, 4

“I like Taekwondo it makes you feel happy and the exercise is fun and makes you stronger. I’m really proud of myself because I can remember my patterns. You should try it because it is really good.”





Daisy Morris, 6

“After my first few lessons I felt happy because I had been exercising. I started because I liked learning the new moves and theory. I think its helped me because I can use it for self defence or to help my little sister. We have learnt how to deal with bullies without having to use Taekwondo too.”





Matthew Bergmann, 7

“I wanted to start because it looked good. I wanted to try and get belts in Taekwondo. I really like the games we do.”







Jensen Harrison, 6

“I lke patterns and fun warm ups and games at the end is my favourite part!”





Ali Asker, 11

“I love Taekwondo!”





Asa Gudmundsdottir, 13 ” I enjoy Taekwondo because it’s fun, a good workout and you meet lots of new friends!






Anna Stieberova, 8

“I like Taekwondo beacuse you learn how to defend yourself”






Megan Lewis, 12

 ” I think Taekwondo is really fun to learn. It makes you stronger and and is very useful for self defence”






Ella Stenton, 11

“It’s a really fun thing to do and I have learned loads!”




James Fawcett, 13

“I started Taekwondo because my dad used to do it and he suggested I tried it.>

After the first few lessons I loved it and carried on!”





Cameron and Saskia Sime,  9 and 12

“We like Taekwondo because it is an interesting martial art and you learn how to defend yourself”





Corey Tillock, 13

“I started Taekwondo because I saw a demonstration at my school and I though it looked good. I’ve now been training a year and a half, I’m current World Champion and it’s still really good!”